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  1. F

    Counting degrees of freedom in field theory

    I'm having a bit of trouble with counting the number of physical ("propagating") degrees of freedom (dof) in field theories. In particular I've been looking at general relativity (GR) and classical electromagnetism (EM). Starting with EM: Naively, given the 4-potential ##A^{\mu}## has four...
  2. Sanchayan Ghosh

    Understanding the four bar linkage DOF

    Hello guys, I have a doubt with understanding DOFs. I have taken the example of the four bar linkage. According to Grueblr's condition, the DOF of this mechanism is 1. \mbox{DOF} = 3(l-1) + 2j_1 + 2j_2\\l=4\ j_1=4\ j_2=0\\\mbox{DOF} = 1 In the above figure, the links next to the ground link...
  3. M

    Degrees of freedom of harmonic oscillator

    Homework Statement A three-dimensional harmonic oscillator is in thermal equilibrium with a temperature reservoir at temperature T. The average total energy of oscillator is A. ½kT B. kT C. ³⁄₂kT D. 3kT E. 6kT Homework Equations Equipartition theorem The Attempt at a Solution So I know the...
  4. Y

    Mechanics, degree of freedom question

    Homework Statement Calculate the DoF (mobility) of the following system: Homework Equations [/B] M = 3(L-1) - 2J1 - J2 (where L = number of links, J1 is the number of full binary joints and J2 is the number of half joints. The Attempt at a Solution I am very confident about there being...
  5. W

    ChemE. Degree of Freedom analysis & recycled stream

    Homework Statement The problem want me to do a degree of freedom analysis on the following process using the information provided. There are two chemical rx in the process. The desired production rate of DEA (D) is 105,000 kg/h. The air composition is 21% mol% O2 and 79 mol% N2[/SUB. 25% of...
  6. Spacexplorer

    How does damper work?

    Hi guys. It could be an easy question but I started at the deepest. I wonder how it works like a car suspension system. How does damper work with spring? What is the difference between forced-nonforced systems? Why do we calculate frequency of spring? What does it provide us? What is the point...
  7. A

    Interpreting Kinetic Temperature for Solids / Liquids

    Hi all, I'm brushing up on some thermodynamics, and having been reading up on the interpretation of temperature as derived from kinetic theory. I can follow the derivation for an ideal, monatomic gas which relates temperature to the average, translational kinetic energy of the molecules. Most...
  8. Benevito

    Valley degrees of freedom

    Could someone please explain what valley degrees of freedom are?
  9. S

    Degree of freedom of gravitino

    Please tell me how to count the degree of freedom of gravitino on the mass-shell? I read, but I can't understand it. How about supervielbein?