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Multinomial expansion

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    I would like to express the following formula in terms of a straightforward multinomial expansion:


    Any help would be useful.
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    Would you explain the notation? What is $x(i)$, are you multiplying the two sums?
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    Ok, I redifine the expression:

    (Σ^{m}_{i=0}x^i*Σ^{i}_{j=0}y^j)^n, where x,y are nonnegative real numbers and m,n are nonnegative integers
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    It is easier to read as latex. I don't understand what you are looking for. My guess:

    y sum is [itex]\frac{1-y^{i+1}}{1-y}[/itex]

    You can now get i sum to get [itex](\frac{f(x)-yf(xy)}{1-y})^n\ where\ f(u)=\frac{1-u^{m+1}}{1-u}[/itex]
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