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Multisim and Actual measurements inconclusive

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    hello all, i am a beginner student in this field at NHTI in concord NH , the problem i am having is that my multisim program measurements for a simple voltage point at a resistor is inconsistent with the actual measurement that i got in the lab...? why is this? is my math wrong? here i will give you an example... E or V = 24V through out the circuit and it is an In-Series circuit. I have 5 resistors to check voltage drop for. now my understanding to check the voltage for the resistor itself the formula looks like this V = (I) (R) ? no? now here are some numbers to crunch... R1 = 220ohms I=.010619, V should equal 23.3618... but that dosnt make sense. now when i try to find the voltage for that resistor on multisim using a voltmeter and a Multimeter it says 2.336V what am i doing wrong? this is making me annoyed?
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    oooooooooooooooooooooooopsss haha i was doing my math wrong DUH!! wow... well hopefully everything else works alright... if you guys want you can make fun of me lol i dont mind... ill probably be using this site for referance anywayz... the more help the merrier
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