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Multivariable confluence hypergeometric function

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    I'm looking for any kind of reference on a multivariable generalization of a (confluent) hypergeometric function.

    In particular, Horns list is a list of 34 two-variable hypergeometric functions, 20 of which are confluent. Then one of these has the following series expansion:

    [tex]\Phi_2(\beta, \beta', \gamma, x, y) = \sum_{n,m = 0}^{\infty} \frac{(\beta)_m (\beta')_n}{(\gamma)_{m+n} m! n!} x^m y^n[/tex]

    Here [itex](a)_n = \Gamma[a+n]/\Gamma[a][/itex] is the Pochhammer symbol. Now, in some odd piece of my work I somehow arrived at a series expansion that looks like:

    [tex]\tilde{\Phi}(\beta_1, \ldots, \beta_N, \gamma, x_1, \ldots ,x_N) = \sum_{n_1,\ldots,n_N} \frac{(\beta_1)_{n_1} \cdots (\beta_N)_{n_N} }{(\gamma)_{n_1 + \cdots + n_N} n_1!\cdots n_N!} x_1^{n_1}\cdots x_N^{n_N} [/tex]

    which is like a multivariable expansion of the [itex]\Phi_2[/itex] function. I was wondering if anyone knows of a paper where this function is defined / mentioned? I'd like to use it as a citation.
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