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My boyfriend is homophobic

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    I have been dating my boyfriend for nearly a year. we are great together, get on well and agree on every level, apart from one thing... he's a bit homophobic.

    Not in a bad way - he believes homosexuals should have the same rights, he's all good with gay marriage and is happy with my having gay friends. He also understands that it isn't a faze and is an actual sexual orientation. However, he thinks the idea of "gayness" particularly in other men is "repulsive" and says if a gay man asked him out he would "punch them". This concerns me and makes me uncomfortable. For one... we are in a relationship, so it doesn't matter if other people find you attractive. Secondly, why is it so repulsive to him? I get that he is straight, but he doesn't find two women making out to be gross. Thirdly, he doesn't like the concept of breaking gender binaries, and transgender. He said it's attention seeking.

    I am worried that he will disown his child if he finds out they're gay or transgender and if his son wants to wear dresses etc.

    How can I address and remedy this problem? I see a real future for us... but I am unsure how to approach this topic.
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    Welcome Lottie,

    Unfortunately, this is the "introductions only" thread.

    Also, we do not know you or your boyfriend, and we are not in the position to be handing out psychological advice to complete strangers. The most we could suggest is to perhaps have him see a psychologist to talk about his feelings and find out why he feels the way he does.

    Good luck.
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