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Naber's Topology, geometry and gauge fields and similar books

  1. Dec 28, 2013 #1

    This thread is about the two books by Naber:


    The topics in this book seem excellent. They are standard mathematical topics such as homotopy, homology, bundles, characteristic classes, etc. But unlike math books, the links to physics are clearly displayed. Nevertheless, the book does remain mathematically rigorous.

    If anybody here went through this text, what did you think about it? And did you find the exercises suitable enough to make you understand the topic (versus superficial exercises).

    Does anybody know similar books to this one which are good?
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    hi. I read these books. I recommend reading: göckeler, schücker - differential geometry gauge theories and gravity, raifertaigh - group structure of Gauge theory, nash - differential topology and qft, atiyah - geometry of yang-mills fields, clay math.monograph - mirror symmetry, morita - geometry of diff. forms, peter michor - Gauge theory for fiber bundles (short lecture notes).

    You can find further other books.
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