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Naphtalene solid state Quantum Yield

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    Hi guys,
    first of all I want to say that this forum saved me several and several times and I love it.
    I have a question for you related to absolute quantum yield of naphthalene determined with an integrating sphere. Do you have an idea how much should be? COuld you pass me a reference paper (that I am not able to find).
    The purpose is that I need to calibrate my sphere for emissions closer to the UV region and I want to compare a published value with a measured one and see how much deviate from it.
    Thanks a lot

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    I use naphtalene spheres to prevent my clothes being eaten by moths. However, they tend to disintegrate instead of integrate.:smile:
    Seriously, a more detailed description about what kind of measurement you are talking about could be helpful.
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    Ok I go deeper.
    Basically we have just received an integrating sphere to determine absolute values of quantum yields. The sphere comes with a correcting function that takes in count the behaviour of the reflecting material through the different wavelengths. However the correcting functions starts from 330 nm and covers all the visible spectra.
    Since I need to cover 20 nm more (from 310 to 330) in the correcting function of the sphere, I was thinking to use naphthalene in order to determine the quantum yield and compare it with the literature one and see how far we are.
    However if you have an idea how to create a correcting function for an integrating sphere, do not hesitate to tell me because I am going mental with this!!!

    Thanks a lot in advance
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