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Solid State Good resources for introductory solid state physics and QM

  1. Jul 14, 2015 #1
    Hello,I'm new here and this is my first post.
    I am a freshman electronics and communication engineering student.I didn't study any quantum mechanics or solid state physics before(not in highschool).
    But for my first year course i need to study solid state physics.The books we are suggested to follow are Electronic Devices & Circuits(Millman),Solid state electronics devices(Streetman).But I don't understand most of the theories.And our professor somehow expect us to just get the concepts without much understanding(at least other students think that).
    So,I want to know what should i study before attempting solid state physics and solid state electronics.
    I want to know some introductory texts / online lectures that will make me get the basics of quantum mechanics.
    And what kind of mathematical knowledge should i have to study introductory QM(I know single variable calculus)?
    Then after doing the necessary maths and QM what introductory texts/lectures/books should i follow to get the basics of solid state physics (theories) ?
    (Note:I am pretty bad at following books which are more than 400 or 500 pages).as I just want to get the basics i'm expecting some books that assumes i have no previous knowledge on the subject and self contained.If there are good online tutorials or courses it would be better,if books it should be less than 500 pages.
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    After understanding the Schroedinger equation and the particle in a well and the hydrogen atom, the Kronig-Penney model is probably the most useful, since one can get an intuition for why band structure arises.

    This is a pretty good introduction to quantum mechanics (except for the last chapter on philosophy). It gets to the Kronig-Penney model in Chapter 12.

    An Introductory Course on Quantum Mechanics
    Bram Gaasbeek

    The Kronig-Penney Model
    Donald MacQuarrie
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    My favorite for solid-state theory is still the good old book by Ashcroft and Mermin.
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    Thanks for the suggestions .I have started to read Fundamental QM for engineers (Leon van).I find this one easy to follow.Once i get the basics I'll try to read Griffith .(I already have it,but i find it a little hard).Thanks @atyy I already started reading it too.And @vanhees71 I have this one too.I am going to start reading it soon.
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    That looks good. The one thing it doesn't seem to have is a handy summary of the formal structure of quantum mechanics, which you can find in http://arxiv.org/abs/1007.4184 (section 4.3.2 Recap: the postulates of quantum mechanics). The formal structure is like Newton's 3 laws for classical mechanics mechanics in the sense that it doesn't provide laws for specific systems, but the laws for say friction and gravity fit into the formal structure. You don't need it now, but it's good to at least glance at it, say after chapter 7 of Dommelen's notes.
  7. Jul 21, 2015 #6
    elementary solid state physics with applications by Omar is fantastic. Saddly i discovered it after i passed the course :(
    My professor used the Ibach-Luth book and was pretty confusing at times. Omar has the same basically layout only he explains the physics behind the mathematics. There are also many derivations and approximations that are omitted from the other book. I didn't study very thoroughly Kittel but it gave me the impression that there are many things left to be wondered. After the semester finals i went to my professor's office and complained about his choice of book. He had nothing to say...

    Maybe it was because i was already familiar with the subject that i liked it so much. In any case i can't stress how good the book is
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