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NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts

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    The subject came up in another thread.



    What they have funded.


    Highlights of CP 01-02 (from Overview_for_AIAA_TC.pdf)
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    Innovative Systems Architecture

    Hello Astronuc, Engineering Guru!

    I agree with NASA's direction on this. What they really need are innovative system architecture concepts that will be able to handle the massively non-linear information base associated with all of its complex tasks associated with developing systems to return to the Moon and move on to Mars.

    There is actually a mathematical model I have developed, in the language of vectors and tensors, which applies to system information architectures and how they need to be analyzed and developed "orthogonally" just as we develop dynamical systems according to 3-dimensional orthogonal physical dynamics.

    The 3 orthogonal dimensions of metrics associated with any generalized system can be classified as:

    Operational Dimension - Time and Frequency Based Performance Measures.

    Functional Dimension - Transform and Function Based Peformance Measures.

    Physical Dimension - Physical Characteristic Measures of the System and the Physical Environment that if operates within.

    I have developed an orthogonal tensor set math that overlays these 3 system performance domains. It is also the subject of a SE development book that I am working on as part of my university teaching engagements.

    In summary, I am a big proponent of systems theory and development of coherent system information architectures to help us define future capabilities. After all, there is hardly any arguing that we live in the Information Age!

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