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Natural vs supernatural question

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    I was talking with someone bout natural vs supernatural when it relates to something such as ID and one thing that seems to be a hurdle is , are they mutually exclusive or not?
    Is there a book or website that does a good job discussing it?
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    So, natural and supernatural are, by definition, mutually exclusive.
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    Supernatural composed of Super and natural, if we think super as excellent
    Then it sounds somewhat like excellent nature,Therefore I would like to tell nature is the subset of the Supernatural
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    Super is the latin prefix meaning "above," and it's use in super natural literally translates to "that which is above natural," in other words..that which is not natural. The English use of the word "super" as being synonymous with "excellent" evolved from the same Latin root but now has a different meaning.
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    A similar phenomenon exists for the greek prefix meta, meaning beyond. Metaphysics means beyond physics and is almost synonimous of supernatural.
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    'The Master Game' by de Ropp is one of my favorites. He gives an engaging and reasonable discussion of the isssues. I also like 'Exploring the Crack in the Cosmic Egg' by Pearce.
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    I think "supernatural" means some thing that occurs out of the predictable magnitude of the human's imagination.
    We generalize and predict what could happen or what suppose to happen, i.e. the brain-dead patient should never go out of his coma; nonetheless, it would be supernatural that one would recover from a diagnosed brain-dead status.
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    Yes, there is; it's a brilliant book by Richard Dawkins called The God Delusion. Pick it up!
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