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Nature of matter

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    What is an electron made of and, what are other so called fundamental particles made of?
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    They are not made of anything else - that's why they are called fundamental.
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    This the second question that dipped into "the nature of the universe"

    Phy I , quarks... wtitten to be the fundamental unit mathmatically proven.

    my answer to my professor: Their is probably life growing on it.

    lately, i've been going with: the sum of all energy is equal to zero...

    if you ever fall off that log, in that direction, you can alway get a job selling "Man can't know anything" or get out of physics.
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    The proton and the neutron are each composed of three quarks. The electron is not composed of anything smaller.
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    The electron is a fundamental particle i.e. it has no constituents. What it is made of, I think, can't be answered generally in any theory. In QFT particles are excitations of an underlying field, certain properties can be measured but what it is made of is basically unknowable.
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    What about the wave structure of matter theory? See dr. Milo wolff and others, e.g. William clifford, a. Einstein, e. Schrodinger. Why did the majority of the physics community adopt the particle theory of n. Bohr?
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    According to string theory: everything is made of vibrating strings.
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    "Particles with wave-like properties" is the usual way to view these objects.
    They are fundamental particles as they cannot be split into smaller parts, and their propagation can be described with equations for waves.
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