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Other Need a book recommendation [electronics]

  1. Aug 29, 2016 #1

    I have taken a language test few days ago and in case I pass it I will get enrolled in an electrical engineering program in Germany. I have no prior knowledge/experience in electronics at all and am thinking about doing something about this before I enroll.
    What do you think about the book The art of electronics by Paul Horowitz. Do you think it's a good introduction to circuits and electronics ? There are two versions of this book, the other one is called Learning the art of electronics. What book do you think best suits my need ?
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    The "art" books for sure are not for you. Not for complete beginners. If I rememberer correctly in Germany you have a "similar" book to the "art" book the Halbleiter-Schaltungstechnik U. Tietze, Ch. Schenk I have the Polish edition on my shelf.
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    The Art of Electronics is one of my favorite basic electronics books. I like the practical approach they take, and the sections on Circuit Ideas and Bad Circuits. I wish I had read the book cover-to-cover before starting my EE degree -- it would have been a great head start. :smile:

    I's also recommend that you build a few electronics kits early-on in your education. Building real circuits helps you learn better questions to ask in your schoolwork, in my experience.

    I'm no help on the different versions of the book, though. Sorry.
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    The Art of Electronics is the textbook written by Horowitz and Hill.
    Learning the Art of Electronics is a workbook / activities collection / addition to the textbook. Think "exercises" with solutions and suggestions.

    As for the books, it very much depends what branch of EE are you pursuing. Microelectronics? Razavi; Digital Electronics? Still Razavi, but the other one (you'll see :-) ); general electronics? Sedra Smith. Device electronics? Pierret. Want an old classic? Millman (comes in four flavors: devices, analog mostly, digital mostly, just the circuits). The list is endless... these are the simplest.

    Perhaps you should follow the advice above and have a look at Tietze. It's made in Germany, it might be tailored for German EE courses.
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    Thank you
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