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Need a good real analysis book for undergrad intro course

  1. Sep 19, 2012 #1
    Need a good real analysis book for undergrad "intro" course

    I'm a computational math major (double majoring with MechE) and basically I'm required to take an "intro" (400 level) real analysis sequence with the comp. math department. This course is shaping up to be an incredibly nasty surprise for me since I've never had exposure to proofs before.

    I've been reading up and teaching myself the basics ("How to Prove it" by Velleman is really fantastic). I think I under the basics of different proof methods but I'm still struggling immensely on the assignments. I can follow along for the most part during lecture but the professor isn't the greatest.

    I have friends in the class who are really helpful but they've already taken analysis courses through the actual math dept. so they're actually way ahead of me and they don't really have time to constantly help me with every little thing. The course textbook is Undergraduate Analysis by Serge Lang. I have a copy of Understanding Analysis by Abbott too but I'm honestly not thrilled with either of them.

    Just looking for a book that's very thorough but still catered to a beginner/intermediate level.

    Much thanks in advance to anyone who can help
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    Re: Need a good real analysis book for undergrad "intro" course

    I agree with picking up a copy of Spivak's book. I took two semesters of real analysis and was seriously lacking in proof writing. That book saved me from a lot of frustration!
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