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Need a new classical mechanics book

  1. Dec 20, 2014 #1
    I've finished my institution's sequence on classical mechanics and am wanting to keep reading the subject. Does anyone have a standard suggestion after Fowles/Cassiday "Analytical Mechanics"? We covered almost the entire book except for the very last chapter and a few sections on oscillations (non-sinusoidal driving forces mostly) and celestial mechanics (three-body problem mostly).

    As I understand it, most would probably say Goldstein's book, and am just looking for general suggestions.
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    It depends a lot on which direction you want to go. Goldstein is always recommended, and there is a good book by Greenwood.

    If you want more on variational methods, look at Lanczos, or in more applied direction, Crandall, Karnopp, Kurtz, and Pridmore-Brown have a nice book on mechanical and electromechanical systems by variational methods. Langhaar also has an interesting book on variational methods.

    Again, it all depends on which way you want to go. You will probably have to specialize a bit to go further.
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    I agree with OldEngr63, it depends a lot on what you want to learn. If you are interested on the mathematical side of classical mechanics, you can try

    -Marsden/Ratiu. Introduction to Mechanics and Symmetry . https://www.amazon.com/Introduction-Mechanics-Symmetry-Exposition-Mathematics/dp/038798643X.
    -Arnold. Mathematical Methods of Classical Mechanics https://www.amazon.com/Mathematical-Classical-Mechanics-Graduate-Mathematics/dp/0387968903
    -José/Saletan. Classical Dynamics: A contemporary approach. https://www.amazon.com/Classical-Dynamics-A-Contemporary-Approach/dp/0521636361

    also, the book by Spivak is nice https://www.amazon.com/Physics-Mathematicians-Mechanics-Michael-Spivak/dp/0914098322
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    I second for Greenwood's, it is a very good text.
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