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Need an advice -- C&K Tech Labs handheld portable lab/meter

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    Hi all, I would like to know your opinion. I have been looking for a handheld multimeter online and I have encountered this company www.cnktechlabs.com. They are coming out with a new product - a handheld portable lab. The product looks very interesting. I was wondering would you consider ordering product like that or would you rather go with a well known brand like Fluke?
    Thank you for your advice.
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    That looks like a fabulous product if it works as advertised and lasts more than 3 days and doesn't cost you your first-born, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

    Fluke on the other hand is still a reputable company, as far as I know (it certainly was 25 years ago when I was using that stuff).
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    Hi phinds, thank you for your post. I have contacted the company, they told me that the product will be released in 12 weeks and price range will be $550-600. I kind of like the features of this product and it is in my price range more or less. I am just not sure because I never heard about this company before.
    Not sure what to do.
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    See if they already sell any other products and if so can you find on-line customer reviews of any of them. If not, I'd advise staying away. They may be a very solid company but I personally would not want to spend $500 to find out.
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    Thank you phinds.
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    I wonder, in general isn't it a little too expensive for a multi-meter to be priced at $600 even with all the features being offered?
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