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Need book about electronic equipments

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    i need to learn basic stuff about parts of an analog trainer, oscilloscopes, resistors, potentiometers,diodes, transistors.... i mean all about electrical engineering experiments and devices...
    - this book shall orient me how to use these stuffs
    - this book must guide me on what parts to buy in a hardware store
    E.g. what i did
    (Me: hey do you have a diode?
    Shopper: What number?
    Me: nose bleeds
    Me: how about oscilloscope?
    Shopper: number?
    Me: " "

    - no theory about electrons flowing and stuff

    if there exists,
    what good book to recommend me?
    thx very much
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    It sounds like you're asking for a degree in electrical engineering all wrapped up in a single book. This obviously won't happen, but I'd suggest the book "The Art of Electronics" by Horowitz and Hill as a good practical introduction to systems-level electronics.

    - Warren
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