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Need help finding graduate analysis book

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    I have just taken real analysis I and II (single and multivariable respectively) as an undergrad. I am planning on taking the grad analysis course next year.

    From what I gather Rudin seems to be the time-tested bible of analysis, but I don't know at what level the book is written. Can anyone recommend a graduate level real analysis book?

    Also, I am looking to get a head start on complex analysis, so if anyone could share the name of a good complex analysis text, I would appreciate it.

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    Please elaborate on the course. What are the subjects treated? Analysis is a big subject. Rudin already has three textbooks (principles, real and complex, functional) on analysis.
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    Royden's Real Analysis is a classic and features chapters on the Real line, Metric spaces, Topological spaces, Lebesgue integration, Banach spaces, and Measure theory. It doesn't feature complex analysis, however. Complex analysis by Gamelin is a good book and covers a year long course in the subject (or more or less depending on what you know).
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