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Need help in finding 12v pmdc brush motor

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    I am looking for 12V pmdc brush gearmotor either having rated torque of 3.3 N-m or a rated torque of 5N-m (preferable). I founded certain matching specs on Anaheim Automation but the motor seems bulky (around 1.7kg) and have a length of around 17 cm. I need something lesser than or around 15 cm, looking for the least available dimensions and weight, i can prefer more diameter than the length of motor . Please guide me where could i find these motor with a power of around 20-25 W (each). Any help would be of great help.

    Thank you!
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    I'll move this from EE to the ME forum for now -- the motor experts tend to be more the ME type...
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    Hey Thanks Berkeman!
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    We need to know how fast the motor needs to go (rpms) to determine if it needs a gearbox or not.

    www.globalspec.com has a very good search engine you can use to find a motor based on specifications you put in.
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    Well l am controlling the torque so speed is not concerned much, finding a motor based on its dimensions and the torque as i mentioned above is required. RPM around 60 would be fine for me. I tried global spec, only Anaheim Automation suited me, but it's dimensions are not matching mine.

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    Well there are millions of motors out there, I get the feeling you messed up somewhere in your specifications... Did you search for a gearmotor, DC motor, or servo motor? At 60 rpm, you're going to want a gearmotor because high-torque motors usually run in the thousands of rpm range.

    What is the application? What range of output shaft speeds will you be looking for? How are you controlling the torque of the motor without caring about the speed? Why is the length of the motor limited but no other dimension is?
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    Hey thanks for your concern. I searched for pmdc brush motors with integrated gearboxes. Well I believe that for such motors which i mentioned high torque application result in lower rpm availability. I believe my calculations are perfect and i am looking for wheelchair application. I said that I prefer diameter over length for such motors for what is in the market, so need help to puck up the best. I am using the torque controller.
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    I sell such a 12v PMDC gear motor. Search for wondermotor and check out the specs. Make sure you don't apply heavy radial and axial bearing loads on the shaft.
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