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Need help rewiring radar detector

  1. Feb 17, 2010 #1
    Hey guys, I'm a first timer here, and need just easy pieces of advice. I'm pretty into cars and have a decent electrical knowledge behind my mechanical know how, just not with reading schematics.

    Recently, my 12V socket died and I finally have an excuse to hardwire my Escort Passport straight into the car. The only thing is, it came with a smartcord which has a button to mute the detector when you want it to be quiet, and to hardwire the detector would require the same chord.

    All I want to do is know how to rewire it, so that I can place a new switch where it's convenient for me, and what switch do I need to buy. I'm sure that I need a N/O switch, but I don't know where to buy them, I am looking for a very very small button for this. In fact, I would love to keep the switch somehow, if it's possible to remove it.

    But below are the pictures, and hopefully I can figure this out to make this my new project. I plan on taking spare wire and hooking them up to the green and yellow wires with an N/O switch somewhere in my dashboard, so when I want the mute all I do is press the button, just like stock.

    So really, my questions are:
    1) To create the mute, the yellow must touch the green ground wire, is that correct?
    2) If the N/O switch is what I need, where can I find a very small one, or can I take off the OEM switch and use it somehow??

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    If you wire the new mute switch in parallel with the original, you'll be okay. According to the schematic, the OEM mute switch connects to ground through a 470 ohm resistor -- NOT DIRECTLY to ground.

    If you're only looking to buy one switch, most cities have at least one electronic surplus store. There are plenty of online sources -- allelectronics.com, jameco.com, goldmine-elec.com, ...
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