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Need help with programming MATLAB

  1. Jul 13, 2004 #1
    hello everyone!
    perhaps im right here. i need help with programming MATLAB. i ve got a txt (or alternatively a xls) file. stored in it are internet service provider connections. i want to import this file and form a matrice. in this initial matrice each connection should be shown (a connection is city1 --> city2). below is a _small_ excerpt of the file i have.
    help is really appreciated.

    Rk City1 City2 Provider
    84 Ealing, UnitedKingdom Ilford, UnitedKingdom Brit.Telecom
    85 Ealing, UnitedKingdom Glasgow, UnitedKingdom Brit.Telecom
    86 Kingston, UnitedKingdom Ilford, UnitedKingdom Brit.Telecom
    87 Bletchley, UnitedKingdom Milan, Italy Brit.Telecom
    88 Ealing, UnitedKingdom Santa Clara, CA Brit.Telecom
    89 Ealing, UnitedKingdom Dallas, TX Brit.Telecom
    90 Paris, France London, UnitedKingdom Colt
    91 London, UnitedKingdom Caracas, Venezuela Colt
    92 Paris, France Berlin, Germany Colt
    93 London, UnitedKingdom Dublin, Ireland Colt
    94 London, UnitedKingdom Barcelona, Spain Colt
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    Look up textread, fscanf and xlsread :)
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