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Need math problems

  1. Dec 3, 2004 #1
    I am in the process of studying for my math finals, and I was wondering if anyone could help me find some math problems that I could work on to prepare.


    These are the topics:

    1 Vectors
    a. Dot Product a•b=|a||b|cos(θ)
    i. Angles between vectors
    ii. Projections
    iii. Orthogonality

    b. Cross Product
    c. Triple Product
    d. Lines in space
    i. Vector equations
    ii. Cartesian equations

    e. Planes (normal vectors)
    f. Parameterized curve
    i. Derivatives
    ii. Velocity, acceleration

    h. Arc length
    2 Differential Calculus of several variables
    a. Surfaces in |R3
    b. Limits of functions of 2 or more variables
    c. Continuity
    d. Partial derivatives
    e. Gradient
    f. Directional derivatives
    g. Differentiability and linearization (tangent plane approximation)
    h. Functions defined implicitly
    i. Implicit differentiability
    j. Tangent plane to level surface
    k. Chain rule
    l. Application to maxima/minima
    m. Finding and classifying critical points(Hessian)
    n. Finding absolute maxima/minima on a closed, bounded set.
    3 Integral Calculus
    a. Multiple integrals
    b. Iterated integrals
    c. Changing order of integration
    d. Polar, cylindrical, spherical cords
    e. Area, vol, mass, center of mass
    f. Improper integrals
    4 Vector fields
    a. Vector fields
    b. Curl
    c. Divergence
    d. Line integrals and work
    e. Conservative Fields
    i. Tests
    ii. Finding potentials
    iii. Fundamental theorem of calc.
    iv. Green’s theorem
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    Well if you go over the problems in your textbook and from your class notes instead of typing posts onto Internet boards you'll probably do well on your final. :tongue:
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    Re: textbook

    NeutronStar, The problem is that we don't have a normal textbook (if we did, I wouldn't have posted here). The book that we use(which cost only $10, so I'm not complaining) contains primarily theoretical problems that don't help much for tests (and I've spent a lot of time on those also).
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    Your list is rather comprehensive and I don't think a shotgun approach will be very constructive or effective. Why don't you prioritize your needs and narrow the list down to a few items according to your greatest needs? Focus!
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    try this

    find integration of (square root of sin x)and let me know the arrived answer
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