Need simulate program for fresnel biprism diffraction

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need simulate program for fresnel biprism diffraction(urgent)

Dear friends

I am student learning phyisics (8th term or 4th year) this is my last term and I have optic

My teacher told us that he want some programs to simulate some optice expriments like : prism - young expriment - loid miror expriment - frsnel bi prism defraction

I have all of them but not "fresnel biprism diffraction"

the programs must be like this site: ""[/URL]


and its very very important for me to have a program that can simulate labratory for this expriment...

please help me to find this one
I am searching for 3 days but nothing in google...
And its urgent becuase I must have it in next 5 days
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no body can help me ? :(( :cry: