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Need some information about Shell Sort

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    Hello everyone, i was wondering if anyone knows which uses or applications has Shell Sort and what are the advantages and disadvantages of this sorting method. So far i can't find a lot of information on the applications only that is used in some form in the Linux Kernel and on a library from C (i think?) but there's no more information about that i could find.

    Anyone knows which applications has or is used and the advantages/disadvantages of this sort method?

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    Besides Wikipedia page, if you want to see some related theorems, variants and open problems regarding shell sort, I also recommend to take a look at Robert Sedgewick's paper here.

    As for its applications, you won't see it implemented much in real life software, because although relatively easy to code and decent regarding resources in general, it is outperformed - especially with large data structures by other algorithms, so you'll see a lot more often some variations of merge sort and quicksort, as also pointed out by rcgldr.
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    Thanks guys for your replies, i looked already from the wikipedia page but i tried to search more information about how is used on those applications that are on the wiki article.

    Also thanks for the information QuantumQuest :)
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    Anyone knows which application could have Shell sort on the uClibc library?
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    I already saw that the code, is on the qsort function, but i don't know exactly what that function does or what information is sorting. Sorry if I wasn't too specific in my last question. Just that is to do a "wgap calculation" i think.
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