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Need to buy a laptop that can load XP OS

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    Hi All

    I have some old programs that can only run on XP. It is impossible to buy a new XP laptop anymore. I am thinking about buying a new Windows 7 laptop and load the XP into it so it can run the old programs. What do I have to look out when buying a laptop and also When is the XP OS I should buy to load onto the new laptop.

    Or is there any way to make the old programs run on Windows 7? I tried to load them and they won't work as is.


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    Win 7 has some decent compatibility tools and modes. Are you sure they won't work?
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    What do you mean as I am not very good with computers. I have the Windows Virtual XP but it did funny things some times like the circle look like an elipse as the aspect ratio is not correct.
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    Thanks Greg Bernhardt and Jhae2.718.

    I can't find the commend per the website provided. BUT I right click the program and do trouble shoot compatibility and check the box that said the program will install and work in XP SP2. Then I don't know what I done!!!! After a few rounds, I tried and installed the program, at least one seems to work in my new computer that run W7!!!!!

    I am a little nervous of what I did!!! But so far so good.


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