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Neodymium Magnets as energy storage?

  1. Feb 6, 2014 #1
    Neodymium magnets have an energy capacity of 512 kJ/m3 or 0,512 MJ / cubic liters.
    That's equivalent to 0.0085 kWh or 8.5 Wh each 1 dm^3.
    You could recharge an mp3 player for 34 hours, and then you'd have to throw away your magnet.
    That's still 468 times less than the capacity of a Lead-acid battery.
    Do you think a Neodymium magnet is a good energy storage?

    Even though a lead acid battery is 468 times more powerful than a neodymium magnet,
    doesn't mean it can deliver 3978 W (power a whole house) for an hour at the size of your milk carton. That's probably too much current drawn from a battery, which would lead to an explosion.
    Trying to draw that much energy from a magnet is probably even harder.
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    It sounds like you are giving reasons why NdFe... magnets are bad for energy storage. Why bring it up at all?
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    My question is how do you extract this energy from a magnet?
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