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News Net Neutrality

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    jim hardy

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    There's two sides to this.

    If i understand, net neutrality requires all data traffic to be treated the same.
    That sounds great.
    But posting on PF involves a lot less data than streaming a movie.

    Should outfits that (for example) stream movies pay higher internet traffic fees than outfits that trade in lower data rates?

    18 wheel trucks pay higher license fees and turnpike tolls than passenger cars.
    Is it reasonable to be charged according to how many bits you actually send down the wire?

    Somebody has to pick up the tab for those optical fibers and ultra fast data centers it'll take to support everybody switching from broadcast and satellite to internet TV..

    that's why i keep an antenna.

    old jim
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    There have been many threads about this already. One is currently open. Jim is right, who's to say that CNN can't pay to allow their users to have decent access to their website because Fred can't pay for the same services.
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