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Networking configuration question

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    I'm trying to set up several web applications on a server. There is a current application running https that I can't touch. I have two other web applications that I set up. I have them running on port 80 and 85. Port 80 is a glassfish server and port 85 is being handled by Microsoft IIS. The one application needs to display an iframe with the content of the the other application. I have this running locally and it does what I want for now.

    However, only the application running on port 80 is ever visible to the outside world. I've checked for firewall blocking and that doesn't seem to be the problem. I have run across a few comments on the web saying that ISPs may block non-standard ports. So, I've been trying to create URL redirects and other kinds of workarounds. I am not a network engineer so I'm really just fumbling around in the dark with this. I've been Googling everything that I can think of but, sometimes you have to know the right question to ask. Since I don't know the right questions, maybe someone can point me in the right direction.

    EDIT: Spoke with one of the network guys at work and it looks like ports are being blocked by a corporate firewall.
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