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Neutrinos faster than light SOLVED ?

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    Neutrinos faster than light SOLVED ???

    Heya all,

    I was thinking about the neutrinos going faster than light (yes, it has been some time ago), and thought, on Einstein's side, that they couldn't have. So I conjured something up.

    What if the clocks they used were not on equal, because of the miniscule delay in time? It could explain why they seemed to beat the speed of light. Let me explain:

    For example, they set their clocks straight by means of an electrical signal signalling 12 o' clock. The clock at CERN sends this signal to Grand Sasso (I don't know the name of the place), and arrives there slightly later, saying it should be 12 o' clock. The clock at GS takes this.

    Next, the neutrinos are fired at say 1 o' clock. The GS clock records the neutrinos fired at only slightly before 1 o' clock. They arrive (which would be in accordance with Einstein) slightly later than 1 o' clock on the GS clock. Due to the neutrinos having this extra miniscule time, they seemed to have travelled faster than light, whilst actually the clocks were wrong.

    This is just something I thought of, and thought I'd also give you some food for thought.
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    Re: Neutrinos faster than light SOLVED ???

    Also see the very long thread here (in our relativity forum) about the experiment:


    Somewhere near the end you will find out about the sources of systematic error that the experimenters themselves finally found.
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