Neutron flux calculation using FFT in a nuclear reactor

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well, thats the heading of a project i am doing....i need some help on neutron detectors...

how they are dectected and what is the probable graph of count rate vs, pulse height that i might get for a nuclar fission reaction of U-235........

can any one help?

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i am doing similar project
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Is one doing a fission detector or a neutron detector, and is one doing detections of neutrons ex-reactor, or for a power reactor (in-core or ex-core) detector?

The application determines the type of detector.

For example there are fission detectors that use the fission reaction. There are detectors which use the (n,p) scattering.

And there are detectors that use Rh or V (n-capture).

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There are several detectors of thermal neutrons. A boron-10 proportional counter uses BF3 gas. See counters/bf3info.htm
Helium-3 is also used in gas proportional chambers. When it absorbs a neutron, it fissions to a proton plus tritium, plus about 763 KeV of kinetic energy. In both cases, the pulse height is taken off the anode wire using capacitor coupling, and is independent of the neutron energy. Lithium-6 is also used.