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New guy who is horrible with anything math related

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    Brief Intro:
    Hello everyone! My name is Justin. I'm currently in my final semester of my undergraduate at University of Arkansas. My major is in exercise science and I absolutely enjoy it! My plans after graduation aren't solidified yet due to exploring various avenues of interest. I'm looking at either starting a business using what I've learned during my studies in exercise science (whether it be personal training, own a gym, or a metabolic research clinic), going to medical school for either physicians assistance, physical therapy, attending a chiropractor program, or attending law school.

    A Little About Myself:

    I'm 28 years old (a little older than most undergrads on campus, but better late than never). I made a few bad decisions in high school ultimately leading to my dropping out, but after serving 9 years in the military, I was able to get back on track. I am married with 2 children, so going to college is a bit difficult, but definitely sets an example for my children.

    I love working on engines. I currently have 2 projects going: a '97 F250 HD with the 7.3L Powerstroke Turbo Diesel and an '89 Basscat Pantera II with a 200hp Mercury Black Max. I enjoy getting out on the lake on a nice day and getting some fish in the boat, as well as bow hunting/fishing and such.

    I enjoy music. I have been playing music since 4th grade and have never stopped, except for a couple of years in the military when I didn't have access to musical instruments. I currently have a little home studio that I operate in where I write and record music. Music is my outlet for whatever I want to get away from, and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

    Why I'm Here:
    I'm here mainly because I'm not mathematically inclined, and could use some guidance. I've been browsing the forums the past couple of weeks and am impressed with the method of help offered on this forum. I'm not looking for someone to do my work for me because i wont learn anything if that's the case. I want to learn physics. So i joined these forums.

    Anyways, that's me! If there is anything you want to know, just ask. Otherwise, it's nice to meet everyone and look forward to interacting with you all on the forums.

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    Nice intro Justin! Welcome to PF!
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    Yes, very nice intro, Justin. If you want to learn about math and physics, this is a good place. There are a lot of people here who enjoy helping out with questions in these and many other areas.

    I can relate to the projects you mentioned -- I am afflicted with five Harley motorcycles, ranging from a '46 Flathead and a '48 Panhead on up through Shovelhead, Evo, and Twin Cam. There's usually something I'm doing to one or another of them.

    Also, thanks for your service...
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    Thank you, gentlemen!

    Mark, I'm a huge motorcycle fan! if you ever want to let go of the flathead or panhead, let me know! haha. Those are beautiful bikes. Before I graduated from the community college in Tulsa, I finished up a project, but sold it before moving out here to Fayetteville to finish up the undergrad. It wasn't a Harley, unfortunately, but it was a fun build. It was a 94 Suzuki Intruder VS800. I'd love to build another bike, but we'll see after I graduate lol. I wish I had a picture of the bike before the build, but it was a maroon color, with the old 80's-90's seats. The frame and forks had some surface rust, nothing a bit of wet sanding and buffing couldn't fix for the forks, but the tank, I just stripped it and repainted it. Pulled the motor out and had the frame powder coated. Rejetting the carbs with bigger jets, threw on some drag pipes, but did make a set of lollipops to maintain exhaust back pressure. As you can see, I tried to run a naked wheel, so I welded a bracket to the rear fender arms to hold the seat up off the wheel, but the first ride after rain, I realized I needed a fender to keep the road grim off my back. So I used a trailer fender from Northern Tool, and made a shorty fender out of it with minute wheel to fender clearance. I'll see if i can find a picture of the bike with the shorty fender on it.

    I loved this bike, but had to sell it before we moved. We wouldn't have had enough room, but I had all my music stuff, and I definitely didn't want to get rid of that! I'll get another project bike one day. Hopefully it'll be a vintage Harley!

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    Staff: Mentor

    I have the Shovelhead up for sale on CL, but I think I'll hang onto the Pan and the flattie.

    My pride and joy - the '48 FL "Panhead" IMG_0717.JPG

    Here's a pic of the '46. Very low tech - flathead engine, 3-speed trans with foot clutch and hand-shift. They're fun to ride, though!
    Wtr09 007.jpg
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    Beautiful bikes! I love the color of the Panhead! I'm a huge fan of the bobber style bikes. Those are definitely beautiful bikes you have there!
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