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New here~

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    Name: geriav clinton
    Age: 24
    Location: Dumaguite, Philippines
    Occupation: Student
    Interest: Watching Movies, Badminton, Surfing the net and meeting new friends.
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    good sharing!

    Im new here in the forum! I just want to say that this site is really good, very informative one! keep sharing the good things!
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    Hey, welcome. Chalk up another for the Filipinos. Now then, what is your favorite type of fish?
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    Is there something wrong with the post counter? How can geriav have 0 posts?
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    We're being invaded by the Philippines! :smile: Welcome aboard.

    Because apart from FFB&A the whole PF lounge does not increase your post count, I see philosophy finally made it into this area. :smile:
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    My observation is that posts made in the Lounge don't count toward increasing the post counter.

    Welcome, Geriav!
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    Welcome geriav!

    Posts in GD don't count.
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