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News New Lies For Old

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    "New Lies For Old"

    Has anybody read "New Lies For Old" by Golitsyn, the ex-Soviet spy.

    What did you think of it?

    Here is a review of it: http://www.antipas.org/news/russia/proof_pudding.html [Broken]
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    Golitsyn's explanation is basic: "The Russian and Chinese leaders are still committed to their objective of world domination and believe that, disguised as 'democrats' ... they will be able to achieve it."

    Before Deng Xiao Ping died, he reiterated that China must not seek dominance in any way and that we must try to get along. Any fear of PRC dominance is misplaced for the sheer reason that the country is not capable of doing do. Please kindly refer to "The Coming Collapse of China" by Gordon Ching for an honest exposition of the multitude of structural and systematic problems that are breaking her back.
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    But can we trust Russia?

    Putin is not showing any positive signs. Consider

    1) After the Beslan tragedy, Putin performs his so-called "power grab" in which he limits democracy in local elections.

    2) Yukos, Russia's main oil unit is taken over by the state.

    3) Yushenko is mysteriously poisoned and Putin is very vehement over the US on that which he calls "interference in Ukrainian elections".

    4) In 2005, Russia and China are teaming up for unprecedented joint military exercises.

    5) Further, no matter how absurd the accusations by Golitsyn may seem, he does have a prediction accuracy record of 94%.

    6) Golitsyn further said that Russia would try to distance Europe from USA. I don't if Russia has any hand but anti-Americanism is certainly growing in Europe.
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    I have seen it asserted online (by partisan sources) that the way to understand Putin's approach is Fascism. While some aspects of Fascism (glorification of the Folk) are missing (Putin seem to want to reunify the non-Russian ex-SSRs), others like control of production in the name of the leadership, not the people, are explicitly fascistic. It's something to think about.
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    Guess I will never be able to understand how anyone can wilfully slap people around, punch them hard a few times in the stomach, violate them in a variety of ways, and then turn around to say THEY have an attitude. :biggrin:
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