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New member, HoubaHouba seeks help.

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    Hello everyone,

    I would appreciate everyone's help. I am a new member, HoubaHouba.

    I had these ideas long ago since the day of my Freshman year in college. They were mostly a slight difference in my understanding Einstein's theory in Special Relativity and General Relativity. This slight difference allowed me to EASILY and QUICKLY understand Einstein's theory.

    My background. I am a Hardware/Software engineer and have no professional experience in Physics. But Physics is one of my main hobby. And I read/learn very fast. When I was 16, as a refugee from Vietnam, I saw the computer for the first time. I borrowed a book home and learned a full-year course over a weekend, programmed straight into the computer the Monday after. By age 17, and 18, I was with my school to compete internationally in Computer Science and Programming.

    I would like to post some of my ideas here on this forum for everyone to critic. I bet most of my ideas are either wrong or at most, inaccurate. But nonetheless, they have an advantage: They are very easy and elegant for folks to understand.
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