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    Hello my name is Steven (25 Years Old), and I have found science interesting, and beautiful for as long as I can remember, but unfortunately I never cared enough to dedicate my time towards it. Like must young men my priorities and passions were focused on non-important things. Thanks to people like Neil Degrasse Tyson, Brian cox, and Joe Rogan my interest toward science has grown. Their messages of Science Literacy, Science Culture, Self Improvement, and the Importance of Community has struck my deeply. I now want to pursue a career/life in physics. I have chosen Physics because it has allowed me to see the beauty of this universe. I was once asked what I found pretty or beautiful. The people I was with responded with answers such like; life, nature, muscle cars, movie stars, ext. I said “I see the beauty in how things work”. The little Physics I have encountered has allowed me to understand and better appreciate my life and this world. I understand my knowledge of Physics is minimal, and I am sure I am far behind any college graduate, but I have enrolled and will be attending college January of 2016. I’m teaching myself College Algebra, General Chemistry, Calculus, and General Physics one text book at a time in order to arrive to college better prepared, so that I can properly communicate and fill in my knowledge gaps. I’m currently on College Algebra. I’m hopping this forum can aid me on my quest toward a Physics Degree, as well as help me understand concepts, practice problems, and theories.
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