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New Trends in Quantum Gravity II

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    I have just seen this:



    Rede Sul-Americana de Gravitação Quântica

    September 8 to 11, 2009

    Instituto de Física Teórica - São Paulo, Brazil


    * G. Aldazabal (C. A. Bariloche)
    * J. Alfaro (PUC, Chile)
    * N. Berkovits (IFT/UNESP)
    * R. Gambini (Universidad de la República)
    * H. O. Girotti (U. F. Rio Grande do Sul)
    * C. Herzog (Princeton U.)
    * P. Mora (U. Republica)
    * C. Nuñez (IAFE and Universidad de Buenos Aires)
    * M. Reisenberger (U. República)
    * A. Zee (KITP, Santa Barbara)
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    Hey great! Thank you, Christine!

    Fortunately they missed (by a narrow margin) conflicting with the Corfu school:
    It is running 13-20 September

    BTW I am especially glad to see that Tony Zee will be sitting across the table from Rodolfo Gambini. I vaguely recall Zee has authored some papers where it seemed to me he paralleled some previous work by Gambini but didn't recognize the extent of overlap. Anyway that's my impression. It will be good if he can get to know Gambini better and there can be more mutual citation. I recall liking Zee (and also Steve Hsu, a frequent co-author) because they seem comparatively open to novel ideas, like solving the BH info problem by a black hole bounce. They don't promote novelty for novelty's sake, but they are open to considering it.

    Reisenberger is a longtime collaborator of Rovelli's and was recently visiting at Marseille for several months (maybe still there.) At the root of several productive QG ideas. But of all these people, I'm mainly watching Rodolfo Gambini.
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    I hope Rivelles will blog about it, although his blog appears to be frozen for some time now.

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