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Newton's logic behind taking force as change in momentum w.r.t time?

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    why newton had taken force as change in momentum per time?
    i mean i need to get physical interpretation?what is this force actually?
    also help me to get an idea about energy in sense(core concept)?
    not with some equations?
    i see these equations every time?but didn't know meanining?
    somebody please help with these or give the name of texts which i should refer to?
    Calculus was invented by Newton in order to discuss the way that things vary in a concise way,ie,if it is integral calculus,it is the summation of continuous values represented by function,ie we it has a meaning;i'd like to get a simliar kinda explanation,ie,how the eqn f=dp/dt states what happens so much better than a long sentence involving instances and examples;ie,if u were the one to formulate this eqn, why would you define force like this?
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    Newton observed that the change in momentum can be important in equations. Therefore, he named this quantity. It is now known as "force".

    The derivative of the momentum with respect to time ("its change in time"), using the definition from above.

    More energy available -> more stuff you can move around, break, heat, whatever
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