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Nipple Heads

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    Just out of curiosity. We all know that women have different nipple heads.(Actually guys do too).

    What is the key determinant here? From mom? Dad? And is there a majority kind of nipple head for different kind of people? I know asian girls tend to have "petite" nipples and most European girls have "perky" kind.

    Is there something in genetics that determines this?

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    jimmy p

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    yes someone should answer this thread, cos i have taken a sudden interest and burning desire to find out why! :wink:
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    Which type do you prefer?
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    As much as I enjoy the subject you are talking about, I really don't think this is the site to do it on.

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    Me neither Prudens, this is a science forum so keep that the topic.
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    u misunderstand me. i just wanna know the studies of genetics on female and male, however most interested me was the chest part :p
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