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No minor after graduating

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    Why is a minor concentration not grantable in a particular subject AFTER graduation for a degree? Why must a student earn the minor concentration credits WHILE studying for the major degree? Usually a minor concentration with your degree only is ~core courses and two or three more upper division courses in the minor field; so why not return to college some time after earning a bacalaureate degree and then do the courses in the desired minor field?

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    Does it really matter all that much? If you want to take some additional courses, take them. Whether you get a minor on paper or not doesn't make that big of a difference: what matters is whether you learn what you want.
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    My undergraduate physics advisor actually told me that a minor is completely worthless (it came up in the context of whether I should take a course on waves, or take an astrophysics course for the astro minor). If that makes you feel any better...
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