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Not impossible

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    isn't it possible for the gravitational force and the elcetrical origin forces have something very very common fundamentally to both of them
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    is there an answer
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    Yes as far as I know. Isn't that what theoretical physicists are working on now with string theory and LQG?
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    I do not know all that,but what should be an indication is the type of forces the both r,their nature is implied from some same thing
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    The ultimate aim of elementary physics is to show that all forces, not just gravity and EM, are aspects of the same thing. A variation on your question is something that has been on my mind of late. Is the virtual Z0 boson the only massive fundemental particle that has no charge? All massless particles are chargeless, and to my knowledge all real massive particles are charged. Why? WHY, GODDAMMIT?!?
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    that irritating feeling!!
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    Yes,electromagnetism & gravity have something fundamental in common:gauge invariance,put otherwise:both are I-st class systems.

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    All forces are really have a COMMON origin. This is a stretched spacetime. It arise between curved areas of spaceime which are a mass.
    The difference between charged and not charged mass in a form of curvature only.

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    can u explain a little further what u r saying
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    Maybe he is speaking about Kaluza-Klein theory ?? I don't know that theory at all just it is giving the curvature of a 5 dim space-time (don't ask me if the 5th dimension is time or space, or maybe something else) which should in some way i never looked at include the EM maxwell equations in addition to GR...
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    This is my own ideas.
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    how do u say that?
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    Is it perhaps not the greatest idea to express one's own ideas as though they were immutable statements of fact?
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    Personally I don't know KK theory, except I think it adds an extra 5 space-dimension which is extended.

    Well...my problem with extra-dimensional space-time is that if I can accept 4D space-time as a mathematical interesting tool it's because I have the impression of 3D space, and some time flowing but of different nature than space (irreversible, aso...)

    But what would be an extra space dimension ? Or time either ?

    However, I have no argument against extra "degenerate" dimensions...

    This is based on the mathematical fact that let say flat space-time can be described by a metric, which can be always put in the form :

    [tex] M=diag(1,-1,-1,-1,0,0,0....) [/tex]

    e.g. 1->time, -1->space 0->?

    But I have no idea what these degenerate dimensions could help...or what they mean
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