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Notes on interior lighting circuits (?)

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    So basically I'm in the 1st year of EE and we're going to design the wiring diagram.

    Pretty much all we put at this stage are grounded electricity sockets, lights, water heater, and the oven. The problem is that the book that I've gotten from my school is 95% about mechanical drawings, which is part of our class.

    The best source I've found, is this link that only shows how to design the lighting.

    Unfortunately, I also have to be able to design the switchboard.

    Can anybody help?
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    something like this:
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    Wiring and Switch board diagrams like this are not very standardized. In addition to this.. you do not really seem to have a specific question - you have provided an OK basic diagram - I do not know ..Greek?? - but can read the diagram.
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