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Nuclear Engineering Career Options

  1. Jun 19, 2009 #1
    Hi, I'm going to be a UC Berkeley Student in Fall 2009 as a NucE major. I chose NucE because of my affinity for nuclear physics, technology, and all that and feel that it would be a great career choice if the industry takes off. However, if the industry doesn't take off, I'm worried that my career choices will be limited. Will I be screwed in the job market if the Nuclear industry doesn't take off or am I worried for nothing? What if I split up my technical electives between NucE and MechE/EE classes... is it possible for me to be hired in these fields with a NucE degree if I'm competent enough or will the lack of the MechE or EE degree hurt my chances. Switching majors at Cal is kinda tough so if I might not be able to switch majors entirely to MechE or EE. Please assuage my worries if you can. Any NucE's wanna offer insight for me? Thanks a lot.
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