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  1. S

    Schools Where to apply for PhD physics in Europe

    I am planning to do a PhD degree in physics since I have recently completed my masters degree, my research field was mainly on cosmology but I am getting interested in some fundamental aspects of physics, like GR and QG. I have tried to apply to some universities in Germany and failed to be...
  2. J

    Programs European Cosmology groups for PhD

    Hi, I am planning to apply to some PhD programs in Cosmology in Europe. I've already identified some potential groups, but I'm sure that I'm still missing a few. I am interested in Cosmology in general (not a particular aspect/research area of it). Could you kindly inform me of any European...
  3. Qiao

    Other Recommend research groups for PhD position

    So I've been thinking of continuing after my MSc degree to do a PhD. But I have trouble getting a good feel on research groups of quantum optics and nanophotonics in the world. So my situation is: I life in the Netherlands and I have a good feel on most research groups in the country, but I'm...
  4. Joydeep Munshi

    Nuclear Instrumentation and medical applications PhD scopes?

    Hi, I am currently pursuing my masters in Nuclear Engineering and my graduation is in Instrumentation Engineering. I am interested in Nuclear Instrumentation and Control engineering and currently I have taken coursework also regarding the same. Could you please suggest me universities where...
  5. O

    Ph.D. in Plasma Physics and Where?

    Hello everyone. I am new in this forum. I am from Turkey and I want to go abroad for Ph.D. but I have concerns and a lot of questions in my mind. My GPA from BS is 2,98/4 (I know it is not good). This year my second year my master. Probably I will graduate with 3.50-4.00 GPA. My master...