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  1. G

    Hello! Is there anyone out there?

    Hello everyone, new member here. I'll be doing my diploma in Medical Physics this year so I'll be sure to have many questions about particle physics and nuclear physics since I couldn't quite wrap my head around some of those concepts in undergrad. Hope to interact with more of you soon. P.S...
  2. shar333

    Optics Student, Medical Physics Research

    Optics Masters student doing research in Biomedical Imaging and interested in studying COMSOL Multiphysics to model light propagation through tissues
  3. Faisal Moshiur

    Admissions Recommendations for an institution for a PhD in Medical Physics

    Excuse me guys. I have been in some stress while choosing to pursue a career in Medical Physics. I would like to enroll for PhD course in Medical Physics concentrating on Radiology/ Oncology. However, I found it hard to choose between CAMPEP accredited institutions. I have a BSc in Physics with...
  4. A

    Programs Medical physics vs theoretical physics

    Is medical physics as informative as normal physics in terms of the courses I'll do in the University and can it be used as a pathway into medicine and surgery?
  5. T

    Quality of imaging in fluoroscopy

    Homework Statement Explain the effect expected on the quality of imaging if an X-ray fluoroscope system is adjusted so that it: a) uses higher kilo voltage b) reduces the dose-rate to the detector and c) delivers radiation in pluse rather than continuously Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a...
  6. Adnan Jatt

    Admissions Help Required: Medical Physics

    Dear All, My question is regarding entry into Medical Physics field. Please help me with that. I really want to study Medical Physics in Master and start a career as Clinical Medical Physicist. But I honestly don't know what to do. Background: I am from Pakistan, and a recent BS Physics...
  7. Jones15

    Force exerted by the abdomen on our vest

    How to calculate the force or pressure by the movement of the abdomen (due to inhalation and exhalation) on the vest(tight T-shirt for example) that we are wearing ?
  8. Sophrosyne

    Medical Optical transparency of the human cornea and lens

    There are two optically transparent tissues in the human body: the cornea and the lens. But how they achieve this transparency is different, and both in turn appear to achieve this differently than in other optically clear materials like glass. The transmission of light through glass or other...
  9. R

    Programs Medical physics masters or PhD?

    Hello I have a masters degree in medical physics from India. I recently moved to the United States and I'm planning to apply to medical physics graduate schools in the U.S. I am confused if i should apply for masters program or Phd? I'm interested in clinical medical physics. Are there good...
  10. D

    Other Biomedical Engineering considering Applied Physics

    Hello everyone! This is my first time posting on here so idk if I'm under the right forum lol. I am an undergad in BME and WAS on the pre-med track. I always "wanted" to be a doctor just because I didn't really know much about other careers but also A LOT OF FAMILY PRESSURE. I finally decided to...
  11. I

    How Does Water Layer Thickness Affect Radiation Dose from 2-MeV Photons?

    A layer of water 1 mm thick between two equilibrium-thickness layers of Teflon is irradiated by 2-MeV photons. (a) From Burlin theory calculate the approximate average dose in the water (EWaitfc thre) collision kerma in the adjacent Teflon is 10 Gy. Take pen/ p = 0.0225 cm2/g for Teflon, use Eq...
  12. B

    Schools Medical Physics Program: Duke or Georgia Tech

    I am trying to decided between attending Duke or Georgia Tech for a Master's in Medical Physics. I would be very grateful for any opinions on the matter. Thanks!
  13. B

    Schools Duke Medical Physics Program -- how was your experience?

    I would like to know more about Duke's Master of Medical Physics program. Do any of you know about the clinical experience you can receive while attending? Also I am curious about the student to student experience that is most common during the program. To clarify, are students typically...
  14. D

    Medical (Biomedical) Fluid mechanics: flow, resistance, and pressure

    Hello, I'm a physician with special interest in cardiovascular physiology. I'm trying to comprehend the basic physics of the cardiovascular system. Here's my thought process - Simply stated - the heart muscle contracts, thereby causing a reduction in the cardiac chamber volume and release of...
  15. M

    X-ray tube flux and my experimental test setup

    Hi everyone! I'm starting to work with a mini X-ray tube provided by Amptek. I want to use it to calculate the efficiency of a detector I'm going to use latter, so knowing the total flux the tube emmits and measuring the flux the detector receives, that should be enough (both data normalized to...
  16. Labilana

    Engineering Can I handle Medical Physics as an Engineer?

    Hello everyone! I just finished my Chemical Engineering bachelors degree and after my study I developed a strong interest in nanomedicine, but because I would really like to be in direct contact with medicine and make an impact on people's lives, I'm seriously considering to continue my masters...
  17. Iooz

    Medical physics manometer question

    Homework Statement If you have a manometer with a 70cm tall water column, what is the largest pressure that can be measured? Assume that the densities of water and mercury are 1000 kg/m3 and 13 600 kg/m3 respectively Homework Equations P=pgh+Patm The Attempt at a Solution I've attempted this...
  18. Quantum_Gorilla

    Admissions Applying to Medical Physics School

    Hello everyone, I am posting here in this forum in order to get some insight on what my chances are on getting into a Medical Physics program. Here is a small summary of my academic background, I graduate from Arizona State University with a 3.4 GPA and have two Bachelors of Science one in...
  19. T

    Physics Connecting with Medical Physicists: Tips for Shadowing and Networking

    Hi, I've recently graduated with a BS degree in applied physics and I'm interested in pursing medical physics. I'm currently looking for medical physicists to shadow and I haven't been able to find any. I know that hospitals that have radiology oncology departments are likely to employ...
  20. 1

    Engineering I don't know what to get a master's in -- Medical physics? Engineering?

    I'm a Physics Undergrad Junior, and I'm currently studying for the GRE's but I don't even know what I want to get a masters in. I refuse to go for a PhD in anything primarily because I don't want to be used as slave for 4+ years, and I have no direct passion in anything. My ideal requirements...
  21. VBadiu

    Engineering Biomedical Engineering vs. Nuclear Applications?

    First of all, this is my first post here, so hello everyone! Great to be a part of this online community! Secondly, to get to the point of the thread, I have recently applied and have been accepted to two master's programs in Germany, specifically Biomedical Engineering and Nuclear Applications...
  22. Joydeep Munshi

    Nuclear Instrumentation and medical applications PhD scopes?

    Hi, I am currently pursuing my masters in Nuclear Engineering and my graduation is in Instrumentation Engineering. I am interested in Nuclear Instrumentation and Control engineering and currently I have taken coursework also regarding the same. Could you please suggest me universities where...
  23. Y

    Should I pursue medical physics?

    Hello, new to the forum. I am currently in high school taking a full load of college classes through dual enrollment. I will graduate high school with an Associates of Science degree. I really enjoy math. It has always been my favorite subject. At the moment I am in Calculus 1 and it isn't so...
  24. C

    Engineering Nuclear Engineering or Medical Physics?

    I'm currently a Nuclear engineering student in the US. I'm at the point where I need to begin doing research and am torn between the radiation health side of things and the energy side. I honestly love both so I came here to ask a few questions to help determine my research choice. Also I know...
  25. 1

    A lot of Questions involving Medical Physics and DataScience

    Hello I've been a lurker on this site for quite a while now and now have a couple of questions I'd like to ask involving data science and medical physics. How important is data science or at least programming if one wants to pursue a PhD/DMP in medical physics?I have a online data science...
  26. H

    Medical Physics Job Market and Future Outlook

    Hello Everyone, I hope that you all are well, I'm a new user here at Physics Forums and one who plans on studying medical physics in graduate school, and hopes to pursue a residency. My question is regarding the job market for those medical physicists who have been able to complete a medical...
  27. K

    Physics Working as a Medical Physicist in Australia

    Hallo everyone, I am a new member at Physics Forums. I am considering immigrating with my family to Australia and work as a Medical Physicist. My bachelor degree is in Physics and I have MSc and PhD in Medical Physics. I am currently working in Greece as a medical physicist (for the last 14...