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Nuclear Physics or Nuclear Engineer?

  1. Sep 19, 2012 #1
    Hey guys I had a quick question about working at a Nuclear Power Plant. I want to become one of the Nuclear inspectors but I don't know which degree to go for. Is it the Nuclear Engineer because I have been noticing that more when looking more into power plants. I was going to go for a PhD in Nuclear Physics but if that's not the right one then I kind of need to know. Any other information would be helpful as well. I was also looking to Intern at Palo Verde in AZ. Any help with what I should do to get me ready or classes I should take?

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    Nuclear engineer would probably be easier, though both would provide at least qualification for many entry level inspector jobs.
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    Nuclear Engineering!
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    I did my PhD in nuclear physics. Getting a PhD in nuclear physics has zero correlation with what you want to do.
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    So I should go with nuclear engineering then I'm guessing?
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    I was considering the same career path. What exacly is the difference between the careers of a nuclear (experimental) physicist/engineer? I've heard that experimental physicists often work as supervisors with engineers when they get jobs in industry. Is that the case in the nuclear field or are the experimentalists on an r and d team? It seems like a lot of the research has actually been done and there's mostly a lot of engineering questions (but I'm just an undergraduate physics student, not a nuclear engineer)

    bcrowell, maybe you can answer my questions better than anyone else.

    How's the job market in the nuclear field? I know you need to move to whatever country actually has nuclear program. Is there a lot of demand in those countries?
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