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Number of procedural tasks a person can do at one time?

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    I know working memory can successfully run up to 3 or 4 tasks.
    Is there any research on how many procedural skills we can run at one time? I couldn't find any info on this online.
    Many thanks.
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    Depends on the person, type of task(s), and who knows what else; animators from the thirties and forties are my nominees for "busiest" people. But there's the possibility I've misunderstood a question dealing with AI.
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    Thanks for your response! I was mainly wondering whether procedural memory is related to or "dependent" in any way on working memory.
    I found this on Wiki:
    "These components include: processing speed, the rate at which information is processed in our processing system; breadth of declarative knowledge, the size of an individual's factual information store; breadth of procedural skill, the ability to perform the actual skill; and processing capacity, synonymous with working memory. "
    Sounds like working memory contributes to it, but is by no means the only factor.

    I still wonder up to how many procedural skills a person can generally do. If there is some data on this. No AI included. :)
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