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I Obnoxious vehicle speakers

  1. May 4, 2016 #1
    What is the possibility of creating a practical portable device which can de-magnitize or otherwise neutralize the magnets in sub-woofers and the like installed in vehicles, but which would not otherwise be damaging to persons or property? The ideal would be a device which, when aimed and actuated at an offending vehicle emitting damaging high dB noise, could eliminate the aural assault. I have asked this question of several faculty members and post-grad students at Florida State University High Magnetic Field lab open houses, haven't found one interested enough to consider. Yes, effective use of such a disabling device, if the source were detected, may result in a civil suit, but it's hard to imagine a jury panel composed of a majority of peers whose ears have not been offended, even damaged, by inconsiderate persons who thoughtlessly or intentionally inflict such harm beyond their reasonable zone of privacy.
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    Don't know about that but I used to have a car alarm that would broadcast on radio frequencies when it went off. It had about 10 seconds of broadcasting before the audible alarm actually started. If someone was blasting next to me at a light, I would trigger my alarm and the results were awesome as the noisemaker's stereo would suddenly start playing odd noises that sounded like their stereo had broken. I think that if you google radio frequency generators, you'll find something similar. :wink:
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    I think some police forces can disable cars remotely, either by hacking the engine computer, or by shorting it out.

    Actually demagnetizing a speaker would effectively destroy it, either because you'd have to heat it above the curie temperature (like 1000 degrees), or because it would take centuries for the magnetism to die out naturally. I don't think there's any ethical way of deactivating an adversary's subwoofers without permission.

    Maybe someday they'll have decibel monitors attached to traffic cameras, so that people blasting their radios at intersections can be fined accordingly.
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