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Observer is moving &charge is stationary,magnetic field acts

  1. Jul 26, 2015 #1
    CASE I - Do magnetic field is felt by observer which is moving and charge is stationary?
    CASE II- Do magnetic field is felt by observer which is moving with same velocity as that of charge?
    Does it has some experimental proofs and explanations...
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    There needs to be relative motion between observer and charge for a magnetic field from the charge to be observed.
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    To put it another way, if the charge is at rest with respect to an observer, then in that observer's reference frame the charge does not produce a magnetic field.
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    When charge is at rest and observer is moving, then with respect to observer the flux changes. Please explain me something on Electrodynamics and special theory of relativity.....
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    With respect to observer the observer isn't moving. You are simply asking about a moving charge.
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    ok. a bit confusion...
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