Obtain transfer function of a system and simulate it with a PID controller

  1. I want to tune my PID controller. For this I could either do this on-line using the controller on the system, or I could try to obtain the systems' transfer function and then simulate it off-line together with the PID controller to tune it to the desired behavior. I suspect the system is non-linear but I'm not sure.

    Do you have any experience with off-line simulations of a system control loop? Is it possible to obtain a systems' transfer function?

    Here is a first approach to the problem:
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    I can't image why you would NOT want to tune your controller on the system it's going to control. If you know the system well enough to produce some sort of input signal that simulates it, why not just enter the parameter data into the controller then run your system and see how well you really knew it.
  4. I would use simulink in matlab.
  5. can anyone tell me how can i generate a sine or cos wave signal with increasing frequency as the simulation time proceeds
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    You mean a chirp?
    Using what software? In Matlab you would -not surprisingly- use the "chirp" command...
  7. @f95toli: thanx for ur reply
    using simulink!
    i know we can use a chirp for cosine ,but how can i change the amplitude of the wave
    and i also need to genrate a similar sine wave with increasing freq and constant amplitude
    can you help me out
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