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Pathways into Darkness is a first-person shooter action-adventure video game developed and published by Bungie in 1993, for Apple Macintosh personal computers. Players assume the role of a Special Forces soldier who must stop a powerful, godlike being from awakening and destroying the world. Players solve puzzles and defeat enemies to unlock parts of a pyramid where the god sleeps; the game's ending changes depending on player actions.
Pathways began as a sequel to Bungie's Minotaur: The Labyrinths of Crete, before the developers created an original story. Jason Jones programmed the game, while his friend Colin Brent developed the environments and creatures. The game features three-dimensional, texture-mapped graphics and stereo sound on supported Macintosh models. Pathways was critically acclaimed and won a host of awards; it was also Bungie's first major commercial success and enabled the two-man team of Jason Jones and Alex Seropian to move into a Chicago office and begin paying staff.

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  1. Hashirama

    A Cavity locking using Lockin+PID technique

    Hello, So I am trying to lock an X cavity to a 1064 nm laser. Laser has a linewidth of ~100KHz, cavity linewidth is 37.65KHz, and the FSR is 3.125 MHz. When I try to scan the cavity, the peaks usually shift and after a few seconds, the resonance comes off. I am scanning the cavity at around 100...
  2. mastermechanic

    Electronics How to control a stepper motor in closed loop (PID) in arduino?

    Hello, What I have I have a NEMA17 stepper motor driven by a DRV8825 driver module, an arduino uno, a multiturn potentiometer. What I want to do I want to control the stepper motors in a PID closed loop. The motor shaft will be connected to the potentiometer and I will be sure that the motor...
  3. A

    Setup of Sestos PID controller

    Hello, I use Sestos PID temperature controller D1S-VR-220, http://www.sestos-hk.com/english/download/d1s-en.pdf I need to maintain 37.3 degrees Celsius. Uses a 130W heating element. The problem is with the initial operation of the controller. In initial operation the temperature rises to...
  4. K

    I Optimizing PID Parameters for Laser Servo Locking

    Hello! I am a bit confused about locking a laser to a stable cavity in practice. I understand there are 2 stages. In the first one you scan the laser frequency and the signal you see on an oscilloscope is made of peaks corresponding to when the laser is on resonance with the cavity. In this step...
  5. PainterGuy

    What is the "observer" in PID control?

    Hi, The sentence in red confused me. I've basic knowledge of control theory so, if you can, please keep it simple. I understand that with pole-placement regulator (LPR) and linear quadric regulator (LQR) one can use an observer to estimate the system's internal states rather than measuring...
  6. mastermechanic

    How to implement PID control in Arduino w/o using loop function?

    Last week I encountered a problem in my graduate project. The project was about designing an autonomous and mobile robot that picks up 9 glass tiles from a stack point and place them into a 3x3 matrix with minimum tolerance. I am using a DC motor with an infinite turn potentiometer for closed...
  7. Twigg

    Tuning a PID with extraneous noise on the error signal

    Hi all! Forgive the sloppiness of this post, I'm on the road. Suppose you have a servo loop to stabilize parameter X. The issue is, when you measure X, you introduce some measurement error (let's say its white noise for the sake of argument). The noise causes a potential problem: since the...
  8. Brian1776

    PID - Root Locus (Sisotool) for Transfer Function with Zeros and Poles

    Hi everyone! I have a 8th order transfer function, you can see it in the first image: % Transfer function num = [2.091,0,203.3,0,-2151,0,-1.072e05]; den = [1,0,-830.4,0,-1.036e05,0,-5.767e05,0,2.412e07]; tf = tf(num, den) I need to use a PID, so I'm trying to use a compensator, adding poles...
  9. J

    Substitute PID Controls with a Polynomial Equation/Table?

    So, I had a discussion with a friend of mine, neither of us are in controls but I was curious about an answer here. In a PID controller, we essentially take in an error value, do a mathematical operation on it and determine the input (controller output signal B) needed to the actuator to produce...
  10. S

    Inverted pendulum on a cart using a PID controller

    hi everyone. in my project , I'm facing with a problem. in PID controller , desire poles are -1+j3 & -1-j3 after design , the overshoot is very high and the settling time more than PD controller i change the K and zi (pi) several times . but not better. the pd controller : (s+23) pid controller...
  11. M

    PID or Relay for Circulating Shower

    I am considering using PID (autopid arduino lib), in order to control the heat, with PWM and a 50amp mosfet heating a 40amp 24v heating element in a 3litter tank, but I am thinking, that since the water is going to be circulating, and sometimes losing heat to a person, sometimes falling straight...
  12. Y

    Understanding and Tuning Non-Linear PID Controllers for UAVs

    Hello, I'm working on a project controlling a UAV (quadcopter) I'm trying to understand non-linear PID controllers. I know that a linear PID is given by: and a non-linear PID the konstant terms are replaced with functions My question is: how to i find these function and tune the paremeters, i...
  13. B

    PID loop with a different command and feedback units / types

    I have a laser and I am adjusting it's position using a motor, and I am reading the laser light intensity at the top and bottom using a sensor. then I divide the top from the bottom and the goal is to get around 0.97%. This is called delta, if delta is too high, you move the motor lower and if...
  14. J

    Quarter amplitude response method: PID settings

    Homework Statement see attached, question 8a and b are what I'm attempting. I've also attached the VERY brief course notes that I'm required to work with. I know Tc= 8 seconds from the graph (0.13minutes) Gain set to 4. is PB therefore 100/4=25%? I'm struggling to calculate the ratio of...
  15. E

    Control theory: process given, PID settings

    Homework Statement Problem: We want a closed loop control loop for the given process (see bode plot), the control loop requirements are: Steady state error needs to be zero. The gain margin needs to be infinite. The phase margin needs to be 40 degrees. Questions: Which controller will be...
  16. Y

    Rotational Mast System - Transfer Function, PID Design

    Homework Statement Given the system above, were a motor is rotating a mast that is attached to a second second mast by a spring with a spring constant K and a damping coefficient D. The motor has a current I applied to it with coefficient K Below are the provided values. K_s is the...
  17. russ_watters

    PID Control: Is Droop Always Against Setpoint?

    Possibly easy/concise question: Is droop in PID control alway against the setpoint? (as the name implies?) Background: I have a humidifier that is consistently controlling high. The control point is room dewpoint, the room has outside air supply (dry in winter) and the humidifier uses plant...
  18. L

    What is the PID field byte for a PID code of '0010' in a USB packet structure?

    Hi i need help answering a question I am stuck on if anyones able to assist if a PID code is ‘0010’ what should the PID field byte be? Im really struggling on how to work it out
  19. Cruzo

    PID tuning of hydraulic drives with high inertia

    Hi there. I have a question about the tuning of a PID (PI) controller in hydraulic drive trains with high inertia. I have a system with a 100kW hydraulic motor with an installed on its shaft encoder. That is how I am getting feedback from it. Not surprisingly I have a controller for acquisition...
  20. N

    What Are Effective Methods to Control a Nichrome Coil Heater?

    So I have a coiled (Nichrome) heating element that's rated at 120VAC 60Hz. (Resistance of 14.4Ohms) I am trying to use this heating element to warm up air blowing across it. I will have thermistor on the outlet end to monitor the temperature of the output air. This heater is coiled inside of a...
  21. B

    How Do Primary Ideals in a PID Relate to Their Product and Intersection?

    Homework Statement Let ##R## be a principal ideal domain. (a) Every proper ideal is a product of ##P_1...P_n## of maximal ideals which are uniquely determined up to an order. (b) ##P## is a primary (not prime) ideal if and only ##P=(p^n)## for some prime ##p \in R## and ##n \in \Bbb{N}##. (c)...
  22. N

    How do you control an Electronic Butterfly Valve with PID

    The butterfly valve I have is controlled by sending voltages to it. It accepts 0-10V and maps a specific voltage to a specific position from completely closed (zero degrees) to completely closed (90 degrees). To clarify/reiterate it is not controlled by a servo motor. I am using this valve to...
  23. Abdul Wali

    Disadvantages of unnecessary increase in PID gain

    hi, I read somewhere that if we increase the PID gains unnecessarily, it will cause more energy consumption of the controller and it will lead to noise and distortion in the practical. May someone please give me more explanation on this?? that how it lead to noise or distortion in practical??
  24. A

    Setup of Sestos PID controller

    Hi, I intend to use Sestos PID temperature controller D1S-VR-220. Sensor is connected to 220V power supply. The controller receives output from immersion temperature probe: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DRG-010632B-Labfacility-Pt100-Temperature-Sensor-6X100mm-/132203898276 However, when I...
  25. J

    Help Interpreting PID Controller Settings

    I am somewhat familiar with a PID controller and how it operates. But I am having a hard time interpretting my PID controller setting and getting them to do what I want. I figured I would open up here for some help. I have a copper cylinder that is being heated up with a band heater. in the...

    Is my model a correct one -- adding two pid controllers

    can we add two pid controllers like i have done in my model.thanks
  27. Joel Graff

    PID control for drone rotations

    Hello, I'm playing around with simulating drones (quadcopters) in Gazebo (an open source robotics simulator). The control system is made up of six PIDs (one for each degree of freedom) and I'm encountering trouble tuning the pids for pitch / roll control. In this case, the linear x / y and...
  28. ramzerimar

    Project: Speed and force control of a linear actuator

    My background is in mechanical engineering, but I'm working on a project for which I need to design a control system for a linear actuator. I want to design the actuator using a roller screw mechanism, which in turn will be conected to a 3 horsepower electric motor through gear reduction. I need...
  29. I

    PID control and block reduction

    < Mentor Note -- thread moved to HH from the technical forums, so no HH Template is shown > Hi! I am trying to reduce a PID controller by using block reduction rules but I am having some trouble Here is the block: https://postimg.org/image/9am5n8bsp/ My attempt: 1. Multiply (1/I)*(1/s) ->...
  30. T

    MATLAB Arduino-MATLAB communication using SerialEvent() for PID Loop

    Hello, I have an arduino code for driving a peltier pile to a given set point (TEMP_SP). I am trying to input the set temperature from Matlab GUI (with different protocols, user will enter n temperatures and the time intervals, arduino will implement the PID controller and output the...
  31. MexChemE

    Types of signals in process control

    Hello, PF! I've been learning some process control on my own lately, and some questions have come to my head while on it. Consider the following on-off control loop: Let's say we want to control the temperature of the fluid inside the tank. We set up an on-off control loop and establish a...
  32. B

    Fuzzy logic control vs PID [Resume]?

    I have found this topic but I am not allowed to answer. https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/fuzzy-logic-control-vs-pid.667717/ I have the same concern that the fuzzy is basically similar to a proportional control. In the thread I liked above, there is also this link...
  33. E

    How do PID temp controllers implement control

    My group members and I are trying to build a snow heating mat. So far, we are using nichrome heating wires sandwiched in silicone rubber connected to an arduino that controls a solid state relay to turn on and off electric current from a wall plug. What I want to know is how to control the...
  34. Maxim Nol

    Unstable 4th order system (control theory)

    Homework Statement Hello everyone! To simplify, I have a system whose transfer function looks like this: G = (s^2-1) / (s^4-s^2-1) It's unstable and I have to find a way to stabilize it using PID controller and/or lead/lag compensators. Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution So far I...
  35. gfd43tg

    IMC-based PID Controller for unstable system

    Homework Statement Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I'm working on parts (c) and (d) now, but I will show my work for (a) and (b) for completeness. (a) Starting with the process transfer function $$ g_{p} = \frac {-1.43}{s^{2}+3.687s-7.177} $$ The denominator is factorized, $$...
  36. gfd43tg

    IMC-Based PID Controller Design for Second Order Process - Homework Solution

    Homework Statement Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution Hello, I know for a second order process, the tuning parameters are given as ##k_{c} = \frac {\tau_{1}+\tau_{2}}{k_{p} \lambda}##, ##\tau_{I} = \tau_{1} + \tau_{2}##, and ##\tau_{D} = \frac {\tau_{1}+\tau_{2}}{\tau_{1} \tau_{2}}##...
  37. J

    PID loops or Complementary filter for University project?

    I am studying "maths III" in my university. And the course has this project you have to do called "Practical differential equations". You are basically supposed to describe some practical system that uses differential equations. My thought was PID loops, but I'm not sure if they use...
  38. G

    How to combine two PID controllers in one system?

    I have a model of car, my aim is to make a simple model of adaptive cruise control. The only input to this model is a user set distance (range 2 to 50 meters), this is the distance that our vehicle should maintain between itself and the leading vehicle. I plan to control this using throttle and...
  39. Z

    Adaptive PID controller implementation

    Hello, I am trying to implement a simple adaptive PID controller paper. However, I am having some problems which I could not find out due to what.. Paper is the following; http://www.aedie.org/9CHLIE-paper-send/337_CHAINHO.pdf Quite simple. Using the Tagaki-Sugeno fuzzy system, in accordance...
  40. S

    Rule of thumb for PI, PD and PID controller

    hello there, how to tune PI, PD and PID controller according to rule of thumb?
  41. S

    Ziegler nichols method (PID control)

    hello there, i just want to ask some questions related to PID controller. currently, i have run zumo robot to detect line by using PID controller approach ziegler nichols method..however, by testing P,PI, and PID, P gives the most accurate when zumo follows the line..which is better actually? P...
  42. G

    How to tune two different PID controllers in a same model?

    My target is to make a Adaptive cruise controller(ACC) for a car model. So i divided the task into two parts, first--- I made a speed following model, tuned a PID controller for it. Second---- I made a distance following model, tuned a PID for this. Now i integrated the two models into a single...
  43. Alpharup

    Creating new algorithm like PID

    I have come across this Proportional Integral- Derivative( PID) control theory. I feel that it is highly beneficial and accurate. I want to create a new algorithm which is more accurate, faster, efficient than PID. Also it should be easily programmable in microcontroller. So what are the...
  44. G

    PID algorithm for constant temperature controller.

    Hello. I`m looking for help to write the coorect PID algorithm for heating controller. For start in attachment I`m sending You the graph. If someone of You can help I could send some more informations.Greg.
  45. H

    PID controller for current control by adjusting the PWM

    Hi, I'm a starter here! I am trying to build a buck converter without the use of any IC. I want to drive a single LED. Here are some calculated data: Vin =5V, Vout =3.225V, Duty circle = 0.651, L=6.8micro Henri, Switching frequency = 1.4Mhz, Desired current is 1A, I also assume ripple current...
  46. D

    PID Controller: Order, Stability & Labview

    I'm a physics student so don't do much in the way of electrical engineering, pardon my ignorance. However I'm looking at using a PID controller with a resistance thermometer sensor and heating element plant, with a reference point of some resistance on the thermometer. That is heat up a device...
  47. Z

    Computed Torque Control vs. PID

    I'm working on a pantograph device, which is not a linear plant, and implemented 2 different control schemes. First one is computed torque; For this control technique, I modeled nonlinear terms in the equation of motion and canceled them by injecting their model within the control input, which...
  48. caffeinemachine

    MHB Proof Checking: Submodules of a Free Module of Finite Rank over a PID is Also Free of Finite Rank

    I have been trying to prove the following: Let $R$ be a P.I.D. and $M$ be a free module of finite rank over $R$. Then every submodule $N$ of $M$ is a free module with $$\text{rank} N\leq \text{rank} M$$ and here is my "proof": Using the fact that $R$ is a P.I.D., the theorem is trivial...
  49. M

    How to tune the PID parameters using Fuzzy Logic?

    I previously used the Ziegler method to tune the parameters of my PID controller to control my robot's position. I then implemented fuzzy logic for self-tuning the parameters. I have two inputs to the fuzzy logic controller; one is the position error and the error rate. I know that my problem...
  50. J

    Is PID Control Possible for a 2nd Order System?

    PID of "2nd order"? Exist PID control of "2nd order"? Ie., a command system of correction to error that includes a factor of correction proportional to 2nd derivative, another proportional to 1nd derivative, another proportional directly to error, another proportional to 1nd integral and...