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Homework Help: Oil song?

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    oil song???

    I am in virtual school and i have to create a song about oil. I dont know where to start. So if anyone could help, it would be great!

    Activity - Create a short song about the geology of oil. (You may use the tune of a song you know and change the lyrics.)

    Audience - Middle school / high school science students.

    What to do - Search the web for information to help you with your song.

    While searching the web determine the following:


    How oil is created and trapped deep under the earth

    How we uncover that oil and bring it to the surface

    In your research find and define the words in the chart below. Aim at an understanding of how you would used these terms as they are related to the formation and mining of oil.

    Because here is the kicker - you will include the words in your song.
    You must include them all:

    sediments decomposition kerogen pressure permeable or permeability
    organic reaction reservoir rock heat or temperature hydrocarbons
    carbon dioxide burning water porosity or pores trap

    Grading - Your song should do the following:


    Creatively demonstrate an understanding of concept/content through the song.

    State from three to five important points to remember.

    State the main idea/theme clearly and concisely.

    Have few grammatical, syntax and/or spelling errors.

    Assist the listener in understanding the topic/content.
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    that sounds like it is going to be a long and complex song....I doubt it will make the top ten list any time soon.

    I would say the first step would be to research the answers to all the required points you need to cover, then try to arrange them in some sort of order in which you will sing them.
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    yes i am in angelshares class... i guess we are both having the same trouble... imagine that ?
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    I truly feel sorry for you, let's just hope you don't have to make a recording or sing it live.
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